Friday, February 11, 2011

i had a wake up call just now

you have the chance
live your life to the fullest

that was what marlene wrote to cathy in her final note. she's taken her life by blowing her head off. with her own gun. i think she was afraid that her on and off  Alzheimer will bring danger to her love ones. just few hours before, she was pointing the gun to cathy's son, who come to help repairing the broken grandfather's clock. when Alzheimer struck, poor marlene will lost all her memory, and think that the boy came to rob her. this episode of  The Big C really move my tears.

that two simple sentences really hit me on the head. why waste my time by letting the time fly. do something. move the body. moveeeee....


whitecappuccino said...

life is so precious..yes! live life to the fullest

cek chun said...

yes. hoping to be able to do this starting tomorrow :)

suri solehah said...

haha..u dah maniac ngan te big c lah..kuat betul pengaruh,,hehe

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