Friday, June 1, 2012

Sum up for the lost days

1. Hi June. Love u the most. My birthday month. A 25% less at The Body Shop, a 30% less at Crabtree & Avelyn, a free makeover and photo at Stage, which I never claim once in the past 3 years. Heh. A 20% less for manipadi, a rm50 voucher from Parkson elite card. Ohh how not to love you June?

2. Aidid Muaddib is back!! We lost some of his entries but what the heck. At least he's alive and ready to kick those MLMers back. hoping for more kick ass entries after his exam.

3. Had an awesome kenduri for my little sister's wedding. Baked a moist choc cake for her. Top up with lots of strawberries and grapes. Mak Teh and mak cooked gulai ikan talang, keli goreng, ayam kurma, ulam and sambal belacan. We also had a big pot of bihun sup gear box and pasembor courtesy of my cousin.

4. How to kick out the mega June? Let's start by watching upin and upin at 9am today. They are doing a road show for ten days at Stadium Suka Menanti in Alor Star. The kids are all excited to meet the twins.

So excited that they are sleeping with me on this small bed and now I can't sleep because out of nowhere I get hands flying at my face and leg get kicked. This is what I get for melayan you guys dear cousins and niece?

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