Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bag owh bag

I'v been eying for tat sembonia bag for ages.its 249. To me its too much. I've never pay more than 200 for a bag. Too much I think.might as well use d money 4 somting else.
Las mega sale,d bag goes wit 20% less. Hmm.. Stil too much.. :p 4 a thing tat I'm going to use it once a while,I let it hung on d rack.. Wait r bag.. I'l come 4 u later :p

Tis evening, I pass d very bag which they put in a 50% box.WOW!!! it fit perfectly on my shoulder. N it also can b convert as a sling bag!!! Imagine my HORROR when I was at d cashier counter, d bag was no where to b seen.. :(( wat d heck!!!

It seem tat d cashier wrongly giv my bag to other customer!! N tat poor man confirm tat was his gf's bag!!! :(( weirdly enuff, I still cn keep my temperature down.. Mayb its d age factor..hehe.. Well takda rezki :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my work place

place : my house
location : in front of tv
work time : everyday, after my real work..
hours spend : depend on d importance of d job. sometimes i can end up for six hours..

i always dreaming of having a SOHO place at home. its my second big dream after my kitchen full of nifty gadgets :D..

its tat neat work place where i'll be able to get up from my sleep, switch on my lappy n start my work. no need to brush my teeth or had my shower, makeup, stil in my kaen batik :D tat make me so into it.. but then all those hopes are gone d very first day i register myself at d maktab :P

fast forward 6years later, suddenly the urge to have a nice workplace in my house spark again. with the workload like in d picture above, who doesn't?

notis pendek saja

semua kandungan merupakan luahan rasa cek yang tak seberapa. kalau ada yang cek cedok saja, insyaallah akan diletakkan link atau url tempat kopipes dijalankan.

gambar adalah milik persendirian. lagipun bukan cun mana pun kalau korang nak ambik. kalau berkenan jugak, sila la buat link ke blog cek noo.

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