Saturday, November 27, 2010

Old man with red plastic bag

by Rafidah Mat Isa on Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 9:05pm

It was 6.30pm when I saw an old man, very thin and old (yaa i know, i said it twice) .. holding a big red plastic bag walking from one dumpster to another.. in just a few seconds i know that he was collecting aluminum cans and bottles, probably to be sold at any recycle center ..

His cloth, his face, his walking style .. everything .. really touched me inside.. at that time, all my problems and things that i always wonder why i couldn't get .. just feel so small and nothing .. feel like i've been wasting my time thinking about things i didn't have .. as human being, sometimes my bad thoughts asked why i didn't get what most of people had .. but seeing him walking from dumpster to dumpster, while I'm waiting for my dinner at this nice restaurant.. i can't stop my mind from thinking what he will eat tonight .. will his food will be as nice as mine?

As a person who work and get salary every month.. always in our mind,is  how to get a bigger house or bigger car or higher salary .. but for some people .. they are thinking about what to eat tomorrow.. how to survive another day without hunger..  how to put their children to school and be better than them..

I believe there always something planned by God that made certain people rich and certain people poor.. He decide whether you will get what you wish for today ..  He choose whether you have kids or not .. or you find your other half or not .. or you'll be success in your career .. or you'll be an old man, walking with the red plastic bag .. none of that is in our hand.. we can work for it, as God always want us not to waste time and skills He gave.. but still, the ending will always on Him .. not us to decide...

We should be thankful for what He gave us.. No,Without fail we have to, it's a must ... because if by any chance He decide to take away all that He gave, we wouldn't be so sure if we can be as strong as the man with the red plastic bag ...

cc: the writer is my cousin :)


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