Sunday, June 6, 2010

jenoh melayan

my luvly sis touch down from kl yesterday. at 4.30am to be precisely. my S already mumbling --> so late to go n fetch her by urself!!.. its ok dear. i come prepare with my 2 cousins as my bodyguard. both stayed wit me since las week.

its raining cat n dogs d moment her bus arrived at sg nibong. lucky her i was there since haf n hour ago. stil vividly remember those day when i was in uitm. when im back from d mid term holiday, had to wait until d sun coming out, then i'll take d first available bus to my house... sigh..

off we went to have a very early dinner at kayu nsi kandanq. our menu - roti telo, roti canai n tosei masala. d bes tosei masala in town! she claimed.. :)

we had our lunch in cekna's house. she cooked us gulai ikan tenggiri, sambal udang, tenggiri goreng n i fried some vegetables.its d sambal tempoyak tat make us tambah n tambah again n again..hehehe.. morah rezeki ari nih.. alhamdulillahhh..

nite come n tat luvly sis of mine treat us tandoori set at kapitan, chulia st. she kept asking me to take her to feringgi to get some pirated software..ggrrrrrrrr.. its already 12 midnite :-w after all d pojok2, i found mysef driving to d fringgi..huhhh.. most of d shop already close. She got herself a FENDI bag..yucksss
:P n d software no where to b seen :-w we arrived home at 2am.

wat a day!!!


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